Stylist Levels

Protégé: ​​Proteges have completed beauty school, are licensed, and they’ve completed our introductory

new-hire orientation program. They’ve typically been in their career for 1-3 years. They collaborate with senior stylists for a majority of hair color consultations, to ensure the proper formulas and color placement patterns. Following your appointment, your Stylist will send you a brief survey so we are able to gain feedback, and if necessary, give them the additional training they need to produce exceptional experiences for every guest they take care of. ​($)

Associate Stylist: ​​Associate Stylists are highly competent in performing haircutting and hair coloring

services, and are working on building more confidence and artistic approaches as they develop their reputation and technical skills. At this point it’s all about gaining more and more experience behind the chair, accompanied by more independent thinking and less guided decision making. Associate Stylists have typically been in their career for 2-5 years and have taken part in a great deal of additional continuing education opportunities.​($$)

Lead Stylist:​​ ​Lead Stylists have accumulated a great amount of experience behind the chair, advanced

education opportunities and are well equipped to offer more advanced solutions for hair color. They’re also proficient in advanced haircutting techniques that are custom to each individual they work with. Lead Stylists set a great example within the salon community and can often offer guidance to up and coming stylists when needed. Lead Stylists have typically been in their career for more than 5 years. They are problem solvers and are especially equipped to take on large color changes and color correction challenges. A Lead stylist will often serve as a designated mentor to New Hire and Protege Stylists. ​($$$)

Owner/Master Stylist:​​ ​Master Stylists are the elite in their craft and have the largest demand for their

time behind the chair. They’ve put in the time, energy, and education necessary to earn their title. They are phenomenal communicators who are going to deliver advanced haircutting and coloring techniques that are custom to each guest. At this point, there won’t be many haircutting or hair coloring challenges they haven’t faced. They’re exceptional professionals who inspire their teammates, and empower their guests to embrace their authenticity! Owner/Master Stylists have typically been in their career well beyond the 5 year mark. ​($$$$)